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Monday, 25 October 2010

Traditional Land Right System

-Before 1906,Brunei had its own traditional system land right.
-They were: Kerajaan, Kuripan and Tulin. 
-Owners of any of these land rights enjoyed the right to control the river as well as the inhabitants who live near them
-This system of territories administration was gradually abolished by the British when Brunei become full protectorate in 1906

Kerajaan or Kerajaan River:- Belong to Sultan crown property.Tend to be those flowing near the royal place.This Land provided Sultan with skilled labour and living necessities.It could neither be transferred nor passed down to one's heir(S).Only the next Sultan could controlled the Kerajaan.

Kuripan or Kuripan River:- Belong to Wazir.This land provided Wazir a steady source of income.There is no Wazir who did not have a river of its own.It was compulsory for Wazir who controlled the kuripan to contribute part of their income to the Sultan.It's same as the Kerajaan River that it could neither be tranferred nor passed down to one's heir(S).

Tulin or Tulin River:- Tulin:- Belong to Royal Family.Each of the Royal Family owned a Tulin.The owner of Tulin was not required to pay tax or tribute to Sultan.They allowed to hand over the ownership to their next kin.The Sultan's right over a Tulin were restricted to his own; his ownership was not based on his position as a Sultan, but rather as an individual.Tulin river were another source of income of Brunei Royal Family. 

Done by: Wong Jun Leong :)

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