1959 Written Constitution

Monday, 25 October 2010

The Reign of SOAS lll. (1950 - 1967)

  •  Pengiran Bendahara Omar Ali Saifuddien was proclaimed as the 28th Sultan of Brunei on 6 June 1950.
  •   He took the title of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien lll.
  •  When SOAS lll ascended to the throne it marked important changes in Brunei's political development.  

The Achievements of SOAS lll.

  •  Introduction of two National Development Plans.
  •  Improvement in infrastructure and the laid foundation for a strong and modern Brunei.
  •  Brought Brunei to international attentions and this earned him the title 'The Architect of Brunei Modern' .
* Achievements. 
  •  The signing of the 1959 constitution Agreement. - significant step towards independence of Brunei.
  •  He made the Malay language and Islam as the official language and religion of Brunei as stated in the 1959 constitution.
  • SOAS lll improved the welfare of the people of Brunei.
  • By Giving pension for the aged.
  • Giving allowances for the widows and their children. 
  •  Soas lll improved the education in Brunei.
    - set up primary and secondary school throughout the      country.
    -  set up the first English Medium School in 1951.
    -  Gave Scholarship to potential Students to Study overseas.  
  • set up the Brunei Malay Regiment in May 1961. - to strenghthen the Defence in Brunei.
  • He issued Brunei's first currency note in 1967. 
   - to replace the straits Dollar used since 1906.
   - this increased trade in Brunei.
  • SOAS lll had literary wrote a number of poems.
   - His poems conveyed his visions for the future.His ideas ,plans advice and guidance.
ect poems.
  • Syair Nasihat.
  • Syair Perkakas Perkarangan Rampaian Laila Syair.
  • Syair Laila Cinta.
  • Syair Lalai jenaka and ;
  • Syair kemerdekaan.
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