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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Barisan Pemuda (BARIP)

Barisan Pemuda (BARIP)
BARIP was formed on 12 April 1946.
Consisted of Malay teachers who formally educated from Maktab Perguruan Sultan Idris, Kesatuan Melayu Brunei and Persekutuan Guru-Guru Melayu Brunei, plus with some government officers.
BARIP’s aims was to
- Safeguard national honour,
- And ensure the protection of the sovereignty of the Sultan, the country and its people.

President - Awg Abdullah bin Awg Jaafar
Deputy President- PM Yusof
Secretary-Jamil Umar
After Awg Abdullah bin Awg Jaafar resigned after 5 months, H.M. Salleh took over his role as the president.
BARIP’s objectives
- improve economic and social condition in Brunei.
- defend and strengthen the political position of the Malays in Brunei
- to unite malay people in order to safeguard the sovereignty of the country from foreign control
- unite the people of Brunei in ensuring the country’s future progress.
BARIP’s slogan - Merdeka.
BARIP fought to ensure the sovereignty of the sultan, the country and the malay race in Brunei.
Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin’support to BARIP’s activities as they cause was honourable and concerned the country’s interest. The sultan attend BARIP’s first anniversary celebrations on 12th April 1947. The ceremony was held at the Malay School along Jalan Pemancha. About 2000 present, including the British Resident WIJ Peel.
BARIP suggest a national anthem for Brunei. Allah Peliharakan Sultan, by Awg Besar Sagap and PM Yusof.
BARIP became less active by 1948,as the British authorities began to act against its leaders. Despite its short-lived existence, BARIP was important. It helped to increase national awareness among Brunei Malays towards improving their own economic and social well-being, particularly in education.

By Mahirah Hazman