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Monday, 25 October 2010

Oath Of Amanat

What was the Amanat? 
  • The sultan called for a meeting of his chiefs where by he made them to take an Oath. This Amanat was important in preserving Brunei's sovereignty by the next Sultan.
When was the Amanat was signed? and by who?
  • It was signed in 1885 and by Sultan Abdul Momin.
What is the reason why the Amanat was signed?
  • The amanat was signed so that no more territories will be taken from Brunei.
  • Sultan Abdul Momin became extremely worried about the situation in Brunei.
Why the Amanat is a failure?
  • Because, Brunei  did not have the Military power to enforce the Amanat while the BNBC had steam warships and more powerful gun.

Update by ; Hamid Drus


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