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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Reign of Sultan Hashim (1885-1906)

-Use to be known as Pg Temenggong Anak Hashim
-One of the 4 wazirs in Brunei
-Became the 15th Sultan of Brunei in 1885
-He became known as Sultan Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin
-The son of SOAS II

“Further Loss of Territories: Inheritance of the shrinking kingdom”
-In 1885,Brunei was only the size of modern Brunei except during this period Limbang and Pandaruan districts was still part of Brunei

-Under the reign of Sultan Abdul Momin, the Amanat was still ineffective and he still had to sign an agreement to cede Terusan into Sarawak

“Events Leading To The Signing Of The Protectorate Agreement,1888”
-Sultan Hashim faced problems caused by internal conflicts and foreign interference
-He tried to stop Charles Brooke and BNBC from getting more lands from Brunei
-By 1885,the two expansionists, were forcing the Sultan to lease more territories to them
-William Treacher (British Governor of North Borneo)proposed the appointment of British Resident in Brunei
-Sultan Hashim realized that Brunei’s status as a sovereign state was in danger useless he dealt successfully with these developments

“Weld Mission in 1887”
-In 1887, Sultan Hashim appealed by letter to the British crown to prevent either partition or any further losses of Brunei territory
-The British responded to the latter due to competition with other European countries that are slowly capturing territory in Asia.
-In September 1888, Britain sent Hugh Low from Perak to Brunei negotiates treaty to give British control of Brunei external affairs.
-The treaty was signed on 17 September 1888 between Sultan Hashim and Hugh Low as a representative of the British Government

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