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Monday, 25 October 2010

Coal Mine industry

                  The Coal Industry.

·         The coal concession in Muara was granted to William Cowie in 1883.
·         William Cowie transferred his concession to charles brooke.
·         Brooke start to employ workers for his coal mines in Buang tawar and in muara

                  Coal Production
·         Coal  is important before oil was discovered.
·         From 1888 to 1924 Muara coal mine produced more than 652,000 tones of coal
·         Coal mine at Buang Tawar stops in 1917.

Transportation of coal.

·         Coal was transported by steamers from Muara to Labuan and Singapore.
·         Local launches also and the Sarawak government steamers also shipped coal supplies such as Manila and Saigon.

Effects of the discovery of oil

·         Employment opportunities for local people.
·         More shops were opened.
·         Population increased to 1447 people by 1911
·         Muara developed to become a self sufficient town
·         Police force was formed by charles brooke to maintain law and order
·         Roads were built
·         Postal services were started and the town produced its own stamp.

Decline of Coal industry.

The Decline of  coal mine has two reason :-
·         Unstable prices after the first world war.
·         And, the discovery of oil at pulau berambang

                                                                                 FAIZ RAHMAN


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