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Saturday, 16 October 2010


If you don't know who made this,Is me Josh >.> 


>.> Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin II was the 23rd Sultan of Brunei
>.> He ruled from 1828 to 1852
>.> Capital Of Kuching ( Lidah Tanah )
>.> Sarawak was administered by the local chief headed by the Datu Patinggi Sarawak

Arrival Of James Brooke in Sarawak, 1839

>.> James Brooke ( 1803-1868 )
>.> Founder of the dynasty of 'White Rajah' rule in Sarawak
>.> The yacht he bought is called 'The Royalist'
>.> In 1838, when he reached Singapore, he heard of the antimony ore in Sarawak.
>.> In August 1839 he set off for Kuching.

James Brooke Became Governor Of Sarawak in 1841

>.> Pengiran Indera Mahkota was hated by local people due to using force labour to extract antimony ore from the mines.
>.> Pengiran Muda Hashim asked the visiting Brooke for help but Brooke did not want to get involved in the local politics and instead he returned to Singapore.
>.> James Brooke came back to Sarawak and assist Pengiran Muda Hashim in 1840.
>.> Pengiran Muda Hashim offered the administration to James Brooke if he could end the rebellion, James Brooke gladly accepted the offer.The local Malay chief and Iban rebels even agreed to end the rebellion with James Brooke so they can removed Pengiran Indera Mahkota from his post.
>.> Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin signed the treaty of July 1842 with James Brooke and confirmed his appointment as the Governor Of Sarawak.

In return,James Brooke agree :

@ to pay an annual tribute of $2,550
@ to preserve the customs and religion of the people in Sarawak
@ not to separate Sarawak from Brunei without the Sultan's consent 

After his appointment grew rapidly :

@ he carefully planned to expand his territory 
@ he wanted to take away Brunei's sovereignty 
@ he wanted British recognition for his rule in Sarawak
@ he opposed the Dutch unfair practices 
@ he supported British expansionism in Borneo 

Murder Of Pengiran Muda Hashim 

>.> In 1845, Pengiran Muda Hashim returned from Sarawak to Brunei.
>.> Pengiran Usop ( Pengiran Muda Hashim opponent ) had become Bendahara while Pengiran Muda Hashim is in Sarawak
>.> James Brooke and the British naval forces forcibly re-installed Pengiran Muda Hashim.
>.> Pengiran Muda Hashim also claimed that he would become the next Sultan of Brunei which upset Pengiran Temenggong because he has a plot to kill Pengiran Muda Hashim

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