1959 Written Constitution

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Reign of Sultan Hashim (1885-1906)

  • He is known as Pg Temenggong Anak Hashim
  • He is one of the 4 wazirs
  • 25th Sultan of Brunei in 1885
  • after he became Sultan,He is known as Sultan Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin
  • He is the son of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien II
Further loss of Territories: Inheritance of the shrinking kingdom
  • 1885,Brunei was only the size of modern Brunei (except Limbang & Pandaruan)
  • Under the reign of Sultan Abdul Momin,Amanat was still ineffective & had to sign an agreement to cede Terusan into Sarawak.
Events leading to the signing of the Protectorate Agreements,1888:
  • Sultan Hashim faced problems caused by Internal conflict & Foreign interference
  • He tried to stop Charles Brooke & BNBC from getting more lands from Brunei.
  • By 1885,two expansions were forcing the Sultan to lease more territories to them.
  • William Treacher (British Governor of North Borneo) proposed the appointment of British Resident in Brunei.
  • Sultan Hashim realised that Brunei's status as a sovereign state was in danger unless he dealt succesfully with these developments.
Weld mission 1887:
  • In 1887,Sultan Hashim appealed by letter to the British Crown to prevent either partition or any further losses of Brunei territory.
  • The British responded to the letter due to competition with other European countries that are slowly capturing territory in Asia.
  • In September 1888,Britain sent Hugh Low from Perak to Brunei to negotiate a treaty to give the British control of Brunei's external affairs.
  • The treaty was signed on 17th September 1888,between Sultan Hashim & Hugh Low,a representative of the British Government.

Done By : Amal Raqiah Abd Rahim