1959 Written Constitution

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Theme 1 : Investigating the Past.

1) History is the story of people and past events in a sequence of time.
2) We study history because; 1) helps us to understand the present and                  prepares us for the future, 2) helps us to explain our traditional customs and beliefs, 3) learn from the good examples of the past and try to avoid mistakes made by our predecessors.
3) Historians: A person who uses historical evidence to reconstruct the story of the past.
4) Archaeologist: A person who investigates what happened in the past.
5) Archive: A place where the official written records of a country are kept.
An archaeologist.
Old archive.

Brunei Museum.

Sultan Sharif Ali ( 1425 – 1432 )

  1. He was the 3rd Sultan of Brunei.
  2. Married the daughter of Sultan Ahmad.
  3. He come from Taif in Arabia and descendent of Prophet Muhammad.
  4. Also known as Sultan Berkat.
  5. His contributions: a) he built the first mosque in Brunei.
                                    b) created the Royal Emblem or Panji-Panji.
6. He died in 1432.

Sultan Bolkiah ( 1485 – 1524 )

1)       He was the 5th Sultan of Brunei.
2)      Also known as ‘ The Golden Age ‘ because, in his period, Brunei has the power to the Malay Archipelago.

Sultan Muhammad Hasan ( 1582 – 1598 )

  1. The 9th Sultan of Brunei.
  2. He introduced the first written code of laws known as ‘ Hukum Kanun ‘.
  3. He died in 1598.

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