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Monday, 25 October 2010

British North Borneo Company

  • Moses went to Hong Kong. He sold his right to William.J.Torrey.Torrey then formed the American Trading Company.
  • 4 jUN 1875, TORREY SOLD HIS RIGHT TO Baron Overbeck (Australian Consul General)
  • 1st june 1867, C.L.Moses was appointed as the American Consul-Genaral in Brunei.
  • 11 august 1865, A treaty was signed between Moses and Sultan Abd Momin.
  • Result ; Sultan Abd MOmin leased the area from Sulaman to Paitan rivers. (10years)
  • Advantages : Established its ruled over the territories and allow to lease somelands from other pangirans in Brunei
  • Disadvantages : British goverment still responsible for the Brunei foreign relusion and British goverment protect the local from company's explonation.


 Done by ; Azizi :D

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