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Monday, 25 October 2010

                         The Discovery of oil in Brunei.

  • The discovery of oil in seria 1929 was during the reign of sultan Ahmad tajjudin.
  • The revenue obtained from the oil help Brunei government to pay off its national debts by the year 1936
the discovery lead Brunei to became one of the wealthiest country in the world


The oil Exploration

  •     The exploration in Brunei started in 1899,when oil was discovered at Ayer Berkunchi near  kampung kasat in brunei district which lead to the drilling of well.
  • Unfortunately there was no sign of oil 
  • 1911,the BBPS(British Borneo petroleum syndicate limited)  & some other companies carried out an oil search.
  •  by the 1918 the other companies start to  gave up except THE ROYAL DUTCH SHELL


Oil discovery in seria field was first found by T.G COCHRANE & F.F MARRIOT  who Unexpectedly smell oil  at seria.

In April 1928,oil were reported in around seria area.these lead to the drilling of oil on 12 July 1928

It produced 5320 barrels of oil

On   19 august 1929  the second drilling of oil were carried out.

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